Heart Beat Bra

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Alluring appearance and comfortable cut affect the well-being and self-confidence of every woman. The HEART BEAT lace bra with two underwires perfectly fits the idea of ​​emphasizing feminine shapes with high comfort while wearing. Made of extremely delicate French lace even for sensitive skin. Soft cups with stitching model the shape of the bust, while the underwire also lifts the bust. The sensual finish of the lace bra cups on two HEART BEAT underwires in the form of a delicate narrow frill adds flirtatiousness. The sides of the bra also made of French lace go into the back in thin two stripes. Back fastened with three-stage fastening with a single hook. Bra kept thanks to thin, adjustable straps. Gold-colored metal fittings add glamor and class to the whole.

A lace bra with two HEART BEAT underwires is perfect for everyday use. It is very comfortable and adds confidence. Perfect for casaul clothes, emphasizing your femininity. Draw the eye and speed up your heartbeat while wearing Perilla underwear. All products are hand-sewn in Polish family manufactories.

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