Heart Beat String

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The female body highlighted with beautiful underwear catches the eye and stimulates the senses. Dedicated to brave women, lace thong with HEART BEAT straps is a combination of thin straps and delicate French lace. The unique string design is based on thin straps at the waist that can be freely adjusted in the circumference. This definitely increases comfort while wearing. The straps connected with gold metal fittings add a luxurious character to the whole.

The thong cut inspired by the look of garter belts is comfortable and looks good when combined with everyday wardrobe. Modern design and charming lace make lace thong with HEART BEAT straps attractive to both women who like original styles and sensual looks. The high condition of the straps adheres perfectly to the body, exposing its qualities. HEART BEAT thongs are perfect to feel alluring and beautiful. Attract attention by wearing Perilla underwear. All products are hand sewn in Polish family manufactories.

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